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Immanuel College Alumni Association

Immanuel College formerly known as Kilenkaba Memorial College (KMC) formed
the Immanuel College Alumni Association on 22nd June 2013.

Office Bearers

  • Bearers President : Hosheto Awomi
  • Vice President : Huzengluibo
  • General Secretary : David Sumi
  • Asst. General Secretary : Smt. Temjenzungla Aier
  • Examination Supervisor : Imtisosang
  • Asst. Treasurer : Esther Jamir

Aims & Objectives

The Aim and Objective of Immanuel College Alumni Association is to strengthen Immanuel College by engaging alumni through fellowship, programs, and services that encourage active participation in the College community.

Core Values

  • We value the diverse alumni of Immanuel College Alumni Association and are committed to strengthening the relations between alumni and the Immanuel College through accessible and inclusive programs and services.
  • We value the partnership between the Office of Alumni Affairs and the volunteers of the Alumni Association and support the office’s goals and objectives.
  • We value the faculty, staff, and administration of the Immanuel College and their work in preparing future alumni for meaningful and successful lives.
  • We value the role of communication and cultivation in engaging alumni in academic, social, and philanthropic activities.
  • We value the future of Immanuel College and its students—our future alumni.
  • We value and understand the legacy we create at Immanuel College (Formerly know as Kilenkaba Memorial College KMC)
  • We value and recognize the importance of our stewardship of the Alumni Association.


Alumni are encouraged to Enroll themselves as Registered Alumni of the College by sending the following details to :
The Principal, Immanuel College,
Post Box No - 253,
Lingrijan, Dimapur – 797112, Nagaland
Or Email us at :
Please mention your Name, Class & Group, years of study, Residential and Official addresses
with Contact Details - Email ID, Phone Number